Children’s Book Characters

Take a trail around this lovely village and look into gardens and windows to see what familiar characters may be hiding there. Can you guess who they are? Fun for all ages!

Look at the amazing scarecrows that Dorchester created last year!
A great way to get to know Dorchester or to have a walk in the sunshine. There will be a prize for the most correct answers.

If you are Dorchester resident please do enter your very own children’s book-themed scarecrow!  Windowsill entries just as welcome as garden architecture – they just need to be visible from the street!  Win a prize based on the popular vote!  Scarecrow entry £5.  Download your form here, fill it in and take it into Lily’s TeaRoom with your £5 entry fee.
(There are spare forms at Lily’s if you get stuck)
Entries must be received by Friday 14th April.

Maps £2 from Lily’s Tearoom or the Festival Tent