Get creative with drama games, role playing and improvisation.  Huge fun from our local drama experts Boost!
toys-7Ages 4-6yrs – Toys Alive!

There’s a bully at school and someone has to stop them. Come along and meet the child whose toys come to life at night to sort the problem out. What toy will you be?”

Boost! are also running a Shakespeare unwrapped workshop for older children (7-12).  Read more about it here.

Boost! has been nurturing theatrical talent in the Oxford area since 2007. They focus on drama education rather than expecting every child to want to dance and sing. They are passionate about what participation in drama activities can do for young people.

You can read more about Boost! here.

Saturday 29th April
12noon ages 4-6 (45mins)
Tickets £4.50
Dorchester Abbey
box office