Thank you for registering for the Fun Run. You will receive an e-mail very soon to confirm your details have been received. Once you have paid we will match your payment with your registration and send a further e-mail to confirm your entry into the event.
Please click on the ticket on the right of this page to pay your entry fee
or send a cheque payable to Dorchester Festival to:
Dorchester Festival Fun Run
77 High Street
Dorchester on Thames
OX10 7HP

Good Luck!

What about sponsorship?
It will really help us to support our charities if you can get your friends, work colleagues and relatives to sponsor you for this event. We have set up a page to help make this as easy as possible. Please go to the website and create your fundraising page

Make your page with JustGiving

You may prefer to get your sponsorship using a paper form (or may wish to do both and a paper form). We have created a form for you to use and it can be downloaded by clicking here .

If you have any queries please contact Jill Corran 01865 341696 or Mark Bristow 07912 476636 or use the Contact Us form on the right