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Priest Poets Tickets £8 children (under 16) free

Join three young priests as they share their poetry and discuss life, literature and faith. Featuring a former actress, a doctor of Languages and literature and our own local curate!

Laura Darrall

Laura Darrall is a performance poet and Anglican priest, she is a regular presenter on Radio 4’s the Daily Service, featured poet on Radio 2’s at the Foot of the Cross and a ’60 second sermoner’ for BBC Radio Sussex. Her work includes poems about women in the church and the Bible, and reflections on inclusivity. Laura explores the messy brilliance that makes us human, with a dash of hope thrown in for good measure.

Sorrel Shamel-Wood

Sorrel Shamel-Wood is a final year curate in the Diocese of Oxford, serving in the Dorchester Team. Prior to training for ordination, Sorrel was an English and Drama teacher. She enjoys creative writing and has had poems published recently in Ekstasis magazine, the Journal of Scottish Theology and Young Anglican Theology. Sorrel’s poetry explores the intersecting vocations of mother and priest.

Jack Belloli

Jack Belloli is the Assistant Curate at St Paul’s Wimbledon Parkside in south London. His first pamphlet, Spandrel Routine, was published by Broken Sleep Books in 2019, and his work has appeared in The Salt Book of Younger Poets and Masculinity: an anthology of modern voices also from Broken Sleep. He also reviews contemporary poetry and criticism for a range of publications.


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